Success in a highly competitive market.

Innexu has always stood for lean management, straightforward communication, a constructive working environment and a very personal and trustworthy way of dealing with our clients. We have stayed true to these characteristics ever since we started the business and they have helped make us the renowned IT consultancy company we have become. We are a company which still emphasises those same qualities today:

  • Experience
  • Up-to-date IT know-how
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of diverse industries
  • Holistic problem-solving approach
  • Diverse technical know-how
  • Efficient, on-time and to budget delivery

Key facts:

1988 company founded as DR. HOLTMANN + PARTNER GMBH
2000 relaunched as PEPPERZAK SYSTEMS GMBH as part of the PEPPERZAK AG group for integrated communication
2004 renamed INNEXU GmbH

Our management:

Marina Doehling (degree in business administration)
Peter Scharkowski (degree in mathematics)