Creating one world from many landscapes.

We rarely create a world out of nothing. Instead, your existing system landscapes dictate how solutions, modules and extensions should look like. Ideally, in such a way that allows new solutions be integrated easily, irrespective of whether standard or bespoke software. Applications must work quickly and bug-free, both front and back end; data transfers and communication should be secure.

The same applies to porting existing applications to new platforms or when setting up a new system environment. Here the migration strategy has to be spot on. If it isn’t the results can be disastrous. What’s sounds simple and should be even easier to use, often creates big challenges for IT. Not least because at the end of the day a user will feel the impact of the change. For these reasons we value pleasant surprises and offer the following services once comprehensive analysis and consultation  has taken place:

  • Recommendation and deployment of middleware and EAI software as the basis for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and BPI (Business Process Integration)
  • Individual development and maintenance of synchronous and asynchronous interfaces on the basis of MOM (Message Oriented Middleware)
  • Development of software components on the basis of EJB/Java EE and DCOM/.NET
  • Development of web services